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Commercial Law

In this area we particularly deal in the establishing of all types of business companies from starting initial negotiations of the parties in concern through preparation of draft partnership agreements and establishing deeds, ensuring of trade licences up to registration of companies into the Business Register. Subsequently we implement any changes in companies including liquidation, if necessary. With respect to commercial and liability relationships provided in Commercial Code, Section three we deal in preparation of draft contracts and evaluation of the contents thereof. We also check the subsequent performance of the obligations following from such contracts. We also represent the client in the area of due performance of the subject of contract, whether in raising a complaint for defects, claiming damages, termination of contracts and the like.

Civil Law

The activity of the lawyer´s office within this legal branch is particularly based on transfer of real estates. We prepare any transfer deeds with emphasis on perfect specification of the subject of transfer and securing the seller for the event that the buyer would not pay in time. Within such routine we are able to provide ourselves any documents needed, particularly acquisition titles, geometric plans and the like.
We are naturally able to represent the client in any other civil legal causes, as cancellation and settlement of shared property and tenancy by entirety, personality protection, indemnification in any liability relationships.


Criminal Law

In the area of criminal law we are able within the criminal proceedings torepresent the injured or take over the defence of a person, towhom an accusation has been delivered, or against whom an actionhas been brought by state prosecutor.

Labour Law

Within this legal branch our office provides coordination in concluding contracts or agreements, we provide the routine connected with termination of employment, claiming and enforcing of indemnification and other labour legal claims.

Financial Law

As we cannot influence creation of state budget and the activity of bank sector, in terms of our activity we deal in the area of tax. We are able to provide legal analysis of resolution of tax bureau, particularly from the point of view of evaluation of its correctness with respect to applicable tax regulations, prepare adjustments against resolutions of tax bureau and compile accusations for review of resolution of tax bureau.

Family Law

In the area of family law we deal in issues of maintenance quoting, upbringing of children, settlement of tenancy by entirety, contacts with children, or determination and disclaimer of paternity. In terms of divorce proceedings we are able to prepare a divorce proposal, participate in proceedings at court as well as with the opposite party.